Julie Anne’s PC HealthBoost Review

I recommend PC HealthBoost to fix registry errors.

PC HealthBoost — my recommended registry error fix.

Note: If you notice the PC HealthBoost site is down, please contact me. It should be up again soon, though. I alerted the developers of this issue, and they’re on fixing it right away!

Pros – PC HealthBoost is easy to install and run; User-friendly graphic interface; advanced database for correcting common DLL errors and incorrect file associations; simple enough for a computer novice to use and great for everyday maintenance

Cons – Developers accused of scamming people – not true!  I know this first hand.

System Requirements — Windows XP, 7, or 8 (32 and 64 bit); at least 10 MB of RAM and 1024 MB of hard drive space; Internet connection to install

Brief Description — PC HealthBoostTM is the latest registry cleaner software by Boost Software that I’ve used for about a year and a half now. This new versions offers more than the previous ones did.

What’s New in PC HealthBoost 3.0

Unlike versions 2.0 and above, it has advanced junk file removal capabilities. Now, that doesn’t mean that the earlier software didn’t work at all. In fact, I used 2.3.1 for the longest time before trying 3.0. However, the all-new PC HealthBoost can clean up more registry errors than it did in the past. It even assists with deleting stored passwords.

Additional Features

This product also comes with the same great features it always had:

  • It recognizes the make and model of your Windows computer so it can easily fix DLL errors.
  • It has a huge “scan” button on the System Scan page that you can’t miss.
  • It walks you through step by step during the installation and scanning phases.
  • It gives you the authority to decide what really is a problem and what isn’t.
  • In the event you accidentally delete a component you need, you can restore to before a recent scan.
  • You can choose certain customizations that allow you to run PC HealthBoost 3.0 the way you want (i.e. run automatically or on Startup).
  • This program gives you convenient access to Windows system Restore if you need it.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, I think this product works well for novice and intermediate computer users. It also helps busy professionals who have demanding schedules. Anyone who doesn’t want to take the time to learn how to fix registry errors by hand can benefit. Here’s more info about why I recommend PC HealthBoost.

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