Julie Anne’s Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro Wireless Hotspot Review

Pros – You can take the Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Prepaid Mobile Hotspot (Virgin Mobile) on a trip, and it’s convenient for looking up GPS on multiple devices; Allows you to get work done no matter where you are – usually! It’s also a great back-up just in case your home router dies.

Cons – Provider (Virgin Mobile) doesn’t offer unlimited service for the – only up to 6 GB; Times out frequently but easy to reconnect most of the time; 3G and 4G not available in all locations; Tough to recharge if you let the battery drain too low

System Requirements and Compatibility:

You can connect to Wi-Fi with just about any device as long as you have the password – Windows or Mac computer, Samsung tablet, Virgin Mobile phone or iPhone, for example. The True Install software that runs the device when connected to a Mac or Windows machine is made for the following operating systems: Windows Vista/XP/7 and MAC OS 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7, G4/G5.

Notable Features

This device stands by for up to 36 hours and when purchased new the battery stays charged for at least a couple of hours. I suggest you take a power inverter so you can plug it in if you’re going on a trip for longer than an hour and a half, just to make sure you don’t lose your connection when you need it.

This device also has these attributes:

  • It has an easy-to-read LCD display to view connection strength, battery life and megabytes used.
  • The MicroSD storage slot holds up to 32 GB of data when you insert a MicroSD memory card.
  • Your router password is right on the device itself.
  • You can access both 3G and 4G connections.
  • It allows you to share data on up to five devices.

My Personal Experience – Advantages and Disadvantages

I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I took this device as far as Rockford, Illinois, which is four hours south of where I live. I also took this wireless router up north and I had 3G service as far as Cadott, WI.

In addition, I used it for several hours per day on the $55 per month 6GB plan after I no longer had cable Internet. Other times, I ordered the $5 per day plan and sometimes the $25 per day plan – whatever I could afford. It’s nice to have multiple payment plan choices for when I’m in a financial pinch.

However, I felt disappointed that I could not access either a 3G or 4G connection in Ladysmith, WI. It’s a bummer because I stayed up there last year for over two months. I couldn’t even use the device in Ladysmith even though I paid about $80 plus tax for it new. I ended up using open Wi-Fi instead.

I also wish the unlimited 4G was available in Green Bay – only the limited 3G for which I have to pay according to whatever gigabyte or megabyte plan I want. If it was, wouldn’t have to pay so much for mobile service here. It’s also frustrating that my router didn’t work for a few days and I lost over 500MB during that time. I also felt let down because the Virgin Mobile connection was non-existent at two crucial times when I needed it the most.

Furthermore, frustration hit me because Virgin Mobile doesn’t roll over data for prepaid units – well, not unless you pay double for the service. I wish they did so I could conserve if I don’t want to use it all within a month or just have unlimited data plans.

On the other hand, it’s nice that the device does work most of the time.  I still use it.

Conclusion – I Recommend as Backup or Travel Internet

I think the Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro benefits you the most when you’re traveling. It also helps to have this device if your home network dies and you have important projects due yesterday. However, until they come up with reasonably priced unlimited plans, it’s not as economical as cable Internet.

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