A Brief Compare & Contrast of the iPhone 4s, 5s, and 5c

iphone faceSo far, I owned an iPhone 4s and I tried out the 5s as well. My favorite new feature of the 5s is the ability to take a photo while recording video. That’s nice, because it’s hard to switch between video and still mode without looking the chance to capture some memorable moments.

As far as the 5c is concerned, I’m still trying to figure out what’s so great about it.The most significant difference that might impress some people is the new V6 technology. This allows you to download and watch video, play games and load popular blogs much faster and easier than when using phones.

Incidentally, the V6 present in the 5c is only one step down from the V7 installed on the 5s. Therefore, you receive almost the same high-quality performance you’d expect from the more expensive iPhone.

However,  I misunderstood last year when Apple released the 5s and 5c. At that time, I thought the 5c was supposed to be a less expensive iPhone targeted toward lower-budget buyers. At first, I heard it would only cost about $100.

However, I’ve seen prices range from as high as $400 on up into the mid $700s. So what gives? Well, the no-contract iPhones always cost two to three times – sometimes four to five times – more than the postpaid contract mobile devices.

Of course, prices dropped since the first release. Therefore, you might want to shop for a bargain on a new or refurbished 5s instead of buying the 5c. The most you may have to pay is about $100 more for a faster processor (A7 versus A6 chip) plus the M7 motion coprocessor.

Note that the 5s also has the fingerprint security technology. However, this reportedly needs a little work.

Compare your options carefully, then choose. Honestly, the 4s still suits many people if you want to find a no-contract phone for only $199 to $299.

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