Tablet or Laptop? That is the Question

My Experience with a Tablet 

I posted this in response to a Twitter #FAQFriday question I have posted on BurnMyComputer.US. <<Go to question. Many people wonder if they should buy a tablet or a laptop. Which would you rather have?

In 2013, I decided to get with the times and purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7” tablet — which of course in 2014 is somewhat obsolete. I paid only $179 on clearance for it. I bought it because I wanted a device with an 8+ hour battery life. For the price, I couldn’t complain much. I completed word processing documents, checked my email, watched TV, and talked on Skype.

However, it only did about 80-85 percent of what I can do on a Windows 7 laptop.  For instance, I tried to use my Tab for Synnd social media promotion. Last year, this app didn’t display well because it was for the Web not a mobile device. I haven’t tried it on an iPad yet, though. I also haven’t yet tried it on any other 10-inch Tab. Maybe it would’ve worked better on the iOS device, but I don’t know yet. It’s something to consider, though. I also still have to find out if Synnd has updated their program and do a review on that in the future.

My Experience with a Laptop

After investing in a Tablet, I wound up purchasing a laptop. I wanted a reasonably-priced one I could use for my writing, graphics art and social media projects. Therefore, I purchased an Acer 5250. It has 3GB of RAM, and I purchased it used. However, I’m thinking of upgrading it with a memory expansion card. I believe it can have up to 8GB of RAM in it, which would be sweet for using Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Right now, I use my Adobe Photoshop on my desktop computer instead of my Acer because the Adobe runs too slow on the laptop. However, I’m certain that having even one more gigabyte of RAM would make a difference. Other than that, I can do just about anything I do on my desktop computer – write documents, edit photos in Paint, watch Netflix and more.

However, I do notice it slows down when I leave too many programs running and too many browser windows open. Still, I’m amazed at how much even a 5-year-old laptop can do!


These days, you can do most of your work on the most recent Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices. However, I recently heard on the radio (and I’m sorry I can’t remember which tech show it was) there’s business class and consumer class PCs.

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