Rock USA Oshkosh 2014 Event Review

I never understood why some of the men I dated loved heavy metal music so much. Then, I attended Rock USA with my 18-year-old brother, my mom and my step dad. My brother also brought some of his friends. Once I got there, I realized the music sounds great live. I even enjoyed listening to bands I didn’t even consider listening to before.

I must admit, however, it was much different than going to a Christian concert. There’s drinking, smoking and swearing there. I saw a lot of devil horns and middle fingers, too. However, I did learn how this kind of music can help you get out your aggression during a dark and depressing time, and some bands have quite powerful lyrics. Heavy metal music is often quite political. For that reason, I wouldn’t say every song is bad.

We all went for the evenings Wednesday through Friday July 16-18; and my mom, brother, his girlfriend went on Saturday the 19th. Next time, I think I’d prefer Christian heavy metal. Then again, many of the songs speak out about important issues affecting us today. I always liked the poetry of the songs these bands play — that is, when you can understand the words.

Here’s some highlights of our time there (scroll down a bit to view):

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