Vitafusion 500mg Calcium Gummy Supplements

A great-tasting way to get your calcium if you don't like milk

Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins taste great. Be careful not to eat them like candy.

Pros — Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins help you get your calcium without eating too many calories (only 30 per serving); provides 50% DV calcium plus 250% DV Vitamin D and 20% DV phosphorous. It gives you what you would get if you drink 2 6-ounce glasses of milk.

Cons — Has 6g of sugars and a total of 7g carbs including those sugars; may not be the best for diabetics if they each a high-sugar or high-carb meal. Kids could end up overdosing on Vitamin D if they get a hold of these thinking they’re candy. Keep them away from kids!

My Personal Experience

Aside from being overweight, I’m in pretty good health. This product actually helps me eat less even though it’s not meant as a diet aid. It has strengthened my nails along with the use of a Nature’s Way Vitamin supplement I take. I bought it because the vitamins I take only have 20% DV of calcium in them.

This is my way of compensating without overdosing on the other vitamins my body needs. However, I do notice I have to be careful because this product as well as my vitamin I take both have 250% DV Vitamin D, which you can’t have too much of.

How to Monitor Vitamin and Supplement Usage

The best way would be to consult a doctor, nutritionist or dietician. He or she can devise a meal and supplement plan for you. However, you can also calculate the daily values of all the nutrients in each product you take. To play it safe, I often only take about half the amount it says if I know I’m going to also eat foods that have the same nutrients in them.

Click here to buy Vitafusion gummy calcium supplements. By the way, the source I’m sending you to sells this product cheaper than for what I paid for it.

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