Julie Anne’s Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L-F Review

Pros: It’s compact; Great for taking on public transportation and longer battery life than a laptop (about 7 hours per charge); Convenient way to check email. It has all the Google services on it, and offers plenty of apps for fun and productivity and one of the latest Android versions. It also is Wi-Fi capable.

Cons: It doesn’t have a rear-facing camera, which makes it hard to use for scanning QR codes; Requires connection to an external broadband device for use with a 3G, 4G or broadband wireless or high-speed cable connection.

Brief Description: The Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L-F comes pre-built with the Android 4.1.2 operating system and Kernal Version 3.4.0. It has a calendar, notepad and other office tools installed on it, and users can set it’s date and time. You can send and receive emails on it, make video and audio records and edit your photos with select downloadable or already-provided apps. This tablet also works with at least a few different word processing and office programs for easy editing on the go. Users can use it to browse just about anywhere on the Web. It also has a battery that stays charged for an average of 7 hours.

My Personal Experience with the Lenovo 1000L-F (Mostly Good!)

So far, I had a great time using Facebook, and I even decided to try my hand at Candy Crush after I first bought it. I even edited some articles on it, checked my Gmail and used the Google Drive. In addition, I used Documents to Go to write some articles that I needed to finish, and I watched a little bit of TV (or what TV I could watch for free at the time I did try to watch). I find that it does about 80-90% of what my Windows computer can do, which is nice. Also, the touch keyboard on it is much easier to control than on some iOS devices.

I also tried to use the Google Slides on it, but that didn’t work so well because apparently this particular Android app doesn’t allow for inserting images into slide shows. At any rate, I found it convenient for checking the weather and keeping track of the time. It has Google Maps on it, so it’s also great for finding directions from a current location to just about anywhere.

I encourage anyone who wants an inexpensive tablet that works well for the price paid to order the Lenovo IdeaTab 1000L-F here (or order a similar model). By the way, I respect the Lenovo maker. They offer quite a few high-end and inexpensive technological gadgets, so I didn’t think twice about purchasing this brand. Next time, I’m going to buy a 9- or 10-inch one, though. It would have a larger screen.

My only disappointment so far...

Aside from it not having an Instagram app, it doesn’t have a rear-facing camera. That surprised me, but at least it does have something. I wouldn’t recommend it for picture taking, but I would try it for that in a pinch.

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