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Do you have a product or service you want to promote and need real, quality reviews instead of fake ones? If so, you can request one from me. In order to offer you the most accurate evaluation, please provide free product access. I also have a fee schedule as shown below.

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4 Benefits of Julie Anne’s Reviews

  1. You’ll receive social media exposure on my Julie Anne’s Reviews Google + page.
  2. Your review will show up on Google’s first page for name of product+review (don’t need the “+” sign for search) when logged into Google +.
  3. I’ll place your review on my site, your site, a social media page, or a customer feedback site — where ever you want it.
  4. I sent out tweets up to 14 times per day plus social media posts 2 times per day on Google+ and Facebook.
  5. This goes to a combine following of about 10,000 plus extended network followers — up to about 100,000 or more.

Note: If you want a review posted on my site, I only accept reviews from vendors who have a specific product not already displayed on Julie Anne’s Reviews. However, I do take multiple review requests for similar products with different model numbers, colors, sizes, etc. I also take multiple reviews for older and newer product versions. For instance, I just finished a PC HealthBoost 3.0 one, and I plan to add one on 2.3.1. and earlier versions. Furthermore, I will write you as many reviews as you want for placement in any other place. You would have to supply funds for verified purchases, though.

If you think you have an item worth promoting, please fill out the form below and I’ll reply in as little time as 24 hours — maximum time is 5-7 days.

Review Fees: $30 plus free product or service access for 200-300 words or $75 plus free product or service access for 500-700 words. Please contact me if you wish to receive customized reviewing services not shown below. Review rewrites are $15 each if you want them placed in multiple online locations.

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